The Process

1. Customisation

One of our friendly team members will help you customise your home to suit your needs. Picking the right floor plan and options extras. You may also do it by yourself in a couple of minutes through menu of Customization.

2. Manufacturing

We have a selection of homes in Brisbane warehouse ready to be delivered.

Additionally if none of these homes fit your needs, our factory will manufacture a home tailored for you. With a 10 day lead time + 35 day shipping.

3. Transportation

After the goods arrive at the site, the customer needs to contact the local crane service. Our technician team may provide guidance on site or remotely as per Contract agreement. Lifting weight of 5 to 10 tons, it is recommended to use not less than 25 tons of crane loading and unloading.

For Residential Type of Product:

For Commercial Type of Product:

4. Installation

Before installing the product, the customer needs to complete the on-site engineering of water supply, power supply, sewage pipeline and load-bearing foundation according to our product standard basic hydropower drawings. Under the guidance of our technicians, it will be accurately positioned to the designed installation point. After the water and electricity are connected, the water and electricity test will be completed and handed over to the customer for acceptance.